The Re-Attunement of Terrestrial Life and Planet  ︎

Terra Attune CIC is a not-for-profit arts organisation based in the UK, attuning with communities to their environment through Art.

We have a site-specific and site-sensitive approach to each project, working with waste materials found and collected in the landscapes surrounding each community.  

Our commitment is to educate and inform a generation of custodians about the environmental issues we face today; to craft solutions and weave social tapestries in preparation of a symbiotic future.

We collaborate across disciplines, experimenting with varied artistic mediums, drawing on a wide range of creative experience; including sculpture, moving image, photography and performance.

We see Art as life, Art as spiritual practice and Art as the bonding force between Terra and all spirits. 

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Poppets made from Ghost Gear aid our cause through magic.

Six months since Samhain when Cetus begun,

we charged them under another Full Moon.

They are custodian spirits brought ashore with a message,

they know what is occurring in the ocean deep.

Inside each belly is a charm,

bound the waste where it can do no harm.

Set free,

they journeyed by land and by sea to haunt the G7 summit.

Given intent by the community of Padstow.

They voiced the concerns they and the spirits have over our Ocean.

Calling for change.

A project conjured for the lead up to the G7 Summit, June 2021 in St. Ives, Cornwall. 
Landscape: Padstow, Cornwall

Collaborators: Beach Guardian CIC

Participants: St Issey Primary School, St Merryn Primary School, Wadebrige School, Beach Guardian volunteers

Funders: Screen Cornwall, Beach Guardian CIC