The Re-Attunement of Terrestrial Life and Planet  ︎

Terra Attune CIC is a not-for-profit arts organisation based in the UK, attuning with communities to their environment through Art.

We have a site-specific and site-sensitive approach to each project, working with waste materials found in the landscape surrounding each community.  

Our commitment is to grow with a generation of custodians; to craft solutions and weave social tapestries in preparation of a symbiotic future with nature.

We collaborate across disciplines, with other environmentally driven social enterprises,  experimenting across artistic mediums and drawing on our wide range of creative experience; in sculpture, moving image, photography and performance.

We see Art as life, Art as spiritual practice and Art as the bonding force between Terra and all spirits. 

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Cetus is an eight meter long sculpture of a humpback whale woven entirely from Ghost Gear gathered from the seven bays surrounding Padstow, made in collaboration with Beach Guardian CIC, their volunteers, and young people from the local community.

Andrew first met Beach Guardian Charity whilst competing on ‘The Big Flower Fight’ Netflix show where he built a seahorse using their waste alongside plants.

Upon winning the show Andrew went on to exhibit the Whale at Kew Gardens in August 2020.

After hearing that the steel structure would be scrapped, he quickly arranged the delivery of the Whale to Beach Guardians headquarters at Trevisker Garden Centre where the whale would then be re-woven entirely from Ghost Gear, the most destructive form of marine debris.

Here began the collaboration between Andrew Whittle and Grace Emily Manning and the transmutation into Terra Attune CIC.

Over the G7 Summit Cetus was installed at St Issey Primary School for a visit by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and at Crowd Funder headquaters in Newquay for a screening and Q&A for ‘Seaspiracy’; a Netflix film highlighting corruption within global fishing standards.

The sculpture can be visited at Beach Guardians HQ, Trevisker Garden Centre in Padstow.
Landscape: Padstow, Cornwall

Collaborators: Beach Guardian CIC, Trevisker Garden Centre

Participants: Wadebrige School, Beach Guardian volunteers

Funders: Beach Guardian CIC